By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms. Terms are subject to change.
• Payment is via Paypal only unless discussed otherwise. Payment must be sent via goods and services with no address needed, and paid upfront. All sales are final.

• Commissions are not always First-come-first served. I will message you back if I am going to take on your commission.

• Work can take up to a month to complete, if I exceed that time period you are free to request a refund, however I am not obligated to refund if I feel as though I can complete your work or I've already started. Refunds are NOT available at all after the final piece/artwork has been completed.

• If I feel as though I cannot complete your work for any reason, you will recieve a full refund no matter how much I have completed of your commission.

• You may not edit my artwork at all besides cropping, minor hue-shifts or adding flat-colour backgrounds (if the piece was transparent). I can do minor edits after a work is completed, however major edits may cost extra.

• I tend to not give updates on works as I mostly finish everything in one sitting and under an hour; if you would like updates (i.e sketch, colour etc) you must request beforehand.

• I add filters to my artwork which will alter your character's palette. These are not optional; if that is something you're uncomfortable with then I recommend you commission another artist.

• My artwork is not to be used for commercial use unless dicussed prior, however any of my designs may be used commercially so long as I am credited.

• I have the right to post your commission anywhere and/or use as commission examples. If you do not want your artwork to be posted, you must contact me ahead of time.